Landcare & Rabbit Control.


Landcare assists farmers with rabbit control work .

HCCC apply for funding from the Victorian State Government each year via the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority  to help farmers and other property owners with this work. 2014/2015 $17000

Landholders in the Hughes Creek Catchment  can apply for Subsidises by contacting our pest plant and animal facilitator  Simone Ulstrup . 57904146

Activities include:

  • Ripping of warrens with an excavator
  • Fumigation of warrens
  • Removal of rabbit harbour
  • Visit inspections and advice
  • Covers Ruffy, Highlands, Whiteheads Creek, Upper Creightons Creek, Caveat, Terip Terip, Dropmore, Tarcombe

Rules and procedures:

50% Subsidies only apply when using an approved contractor .

A Landcare facilitator will need to inspect your site before work begins if you intend to order more than 8 hours of rabbit ripping.

To receive herbicide subsidies please register with the Pest Plant and Animal  Facilitator to ensure you are on the list before visiting Elders to collect your subsidised chemicals. Limits of herbicide quantities apply. These herbicides must be used to control blackberry and gorse infestations.


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