Fox on the Run 2016


The annual”Fox on the Run” competition has ended with a total of 199 tails being handed in.  Over five years of this  competition a total of 1402 tails have been collected. Fox numbers across the Tableland have definitely declined with regular fox drives and spotlighting expeditions being organised by local hunters.

2016 results : Noye Crew 93 , Shaun Green 46, Sam Leigh 10, Olivia Leigh 10, Will Tilton 10, Ed Tilton 10, Tully McCabe 10, Nick McCabe 10. Participants were rewarded with a $3 bounty per tail.

Thanks to our sponsors and the local farmers allow  the hunters access to their properties. They provide a great community service for which we are all grateful.

It is great to see that the commitment to controlling foxes is being handed down through the generations.



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