Tour of County Creek

A very informative tour of the lower reaches of the County Creek was organised by Rob Hayes.

Jim Castles,  Strathbogie Streams Project Leader and Dr Jen Wilson , Strategic Landscape Planner from Goulburn Broken CMA enjoyed getting out of the office and into the real world of sustainable farming. They were very impressed with the affect that Robs earlier creek side tree plantations were having on the health of the waterway. The quality of the riparian area had  improved amazingly in the past 10 years.  Rob emphasised that these plantations need careful management to prevent them becoming infested with weeds and wombats. It is not a matter of fence out plant and forget.

Rob showed us how he manages


Will Trueman shared his expertise on fish habitat and stream management.

Susan Sleigh , local landholder and coordinator of the Longwood Plains CMN  added to the conversation , being careful to balance the advice she gives landholders in her project area , with the activities that Sleigh family may wish to undertake on their own property.

Janet and Justus Hagen tagged along, learning from Robs experiences.



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